Monday, 7 June 2010

Release: HD Ferrari 360 steering wheel

Reworked textures, gmt and materials of Ferrari 360 steering wheel. Textures were made to fit with default
Ferrari 360 cockpit materials.

- Reworked steering wheel textures based on real photos
- Remmaped shifter textures
- Slightly updated gmt model

- Just copy all files from High Quality Momo steering wheel directory into your
GameData\Teams\NGT\Ferrari 360 Teams directory
- For uninstalling just delete these files.

Notes: No original files will be overwritten. This addon will not cause any online missmatches.

Usage Disclaimer:
- You are permitted to install and use this mod for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial or public uses are strictly forbidden without written Permission from the author.
- It is forbidden to convert or modify any part of this mod, use it as part of another mod or releasing any patches without PERMISSION of the author.



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