Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Release: HD Ferrari 430 GTC steering wheel

Reworked textures, gmt and materials of Ferrari F430 GTC steering wheel.

- Reworked steering wheel textures based on real photos
- Slightly updated g
mt model

- Just copy all files from High Quality Momo steering wheel directory into your
GameData\Teams\NFS Shift\Ferrari F430 GTC directory

- For uninstalling just delete these files.

Notes: No original files will be overwritten. This addon will not cause any online

Usage Disclaimer:
- You are permitted to install and use this mod for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial or public uses are strictly forbidden without written Permission from the author.
- It is forbidden to convert or modify any part of this mod, use it as part of another mod or releasing any patches without PERMISSION of the author.

Special thanks to Scorpyo for adjusting gmt model position.

HD Ferrari 430 GTC steering wheel download:


Ferrari F430 GTC by scca1981 download:
Download link has been removed by a blog administrator.


PetraGTC said...

Bomba práce jako vždy. Super.

BariCZ said...

Díky Petro ;)

Elratauru said...

Loving the new wheel. Keep your good work!..Do have any future plans for any other cockpit or wheel retexture?

BariCZ said...

No I havent. Unfortunately I wont have free time since September.

Davide87 said...

A great add-on, as always! Great job :) by the way, where we could find the hud that is showed in the screen??? I downloaded the mod but i have a standard one! Cheers, Davide87

BariCZ said...

Thanks Davide. You can find new motec here:


Krzysztof Nowak said...

I need link to Ferrari F430 GTC mod :( Please :(

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