Monday, 19 July 2010

HD gloves & suits v2.0 - white TECH 1-Z gloves progress

It may seem that progress is very slow, but white Alpinestars TECH 1-Z gloves are about 80% finished. Furthermore new features as bump maps are added. There are some WIP unedited ingame screens below.

Cheers, Jan

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Monday, 12 July 2010

HD gloves & suits v2.0 - work has started

I have already stared work on the new version of HD gloves & suits. White Alpinestars TECH 1-Z gloves are the first victim :) Above is work-in-progress comparison picture. On the left is shot from 3DSimED, on the right is real life photo.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Welcome to the HD addons

Hello and welcome to the HD addons website. My name is Jan Baros but sim fans probably know me as BariCZ. I have started modding in 2008 with my first public release - HD Zhuhai. Then I joined great modding group - RMT team and their well known WSGT mod. That time I developed probably my most known addon - HD Alpinestars gear. After that I released several public addons and few league ones. I made this website as a simple list of my work and news and also as a possibility to comment and discuss my work. You can also leave a small donation and helps me dedicate more time to what I like - sim modding.

Jan Baros / BariCZ

Announcement: HD gloves & suits v2.0

Iam happy that I have again some free time so I started working on a new version of my HD gloves and suits for GTR2. First idea is to rework current v1.0 Alpinestars models for even higher quality and also add some new brands as Puma or Momo. I will submit some progress screens and more info here at HD addons and also at NoGrip gallery in the future. Stay tuned :)

Cheers, Jan
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