Friday, 9 July 2010

Welcome to the HD addons

Hello and welcome to the HD addons website. My name is Jan Baros but sim fans probably know me as BariCZ. I have started modding in 2008 with my first public release - HD Zhuhai. Then I joined great modding group - RMT team and their well known WSGT mod. That time I developed probably my most known addon - HD Alpinestars gear. After that I released several public addons and few league ones. I made this website as a simple list of my work and news and also as a possibility to comment and discuss my work. You can also leave a small donation and helps me dedicate more time to what I like - sim modding.

Jan Baros / BariCZ


NK_ said...

Nice blog :) You modding only GTR2?

BariCZ said...

Thank you. Until now yes. But Iam looking forward to rFactor 2.

Uff said...

It's a pleasure to see that more works are coming from you: your previous add-ons are a must have! :D
It would be great to have some other track updates: Zuhai is a work of art, much better than any other texture updates out there. :)

BariCZ said...

Thanks Uff :) Its all only about free time. If I had more, I will do more addons. Its great fun for me :)

Btw thanks for posting link at DrivingItalia forum ;)

Uff said...

You're welcome! I told myself I had to do this, but I always forgot: yesterday I finally remembered! :D
I think I'll add this page to my favourites. ;)

BariCZ said...


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