Monday, 2 August 2010

HD gloves & suits v2.0 - white TECH 1-Z gloves finished

Hello, Ive just finished white Alpinestars TECH 1-Z gloves. As well as in v1.0 release, 4096x4096 texture is used. Furthermore, HD gloves & suits v2.0 will use whole new huge 4096x4096 bump map textures which help to achieve more realistic look. Above is shot from 3dSimED, below are ingame screens :)

Cheers, Jan


Artsonika said...

Good Job !

BariCZ said...

Thank you ;)

Uff said...

Definitely a great add-on. :)

Matt said...

impressive HD effect
keep going on Baricz

Gupster said...

Will these be available for the public? I've used your V1 gloves and they look great!
Many Thanks!

BariCZ said...

Sure ;) Hope till the end of September.

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