Tuesday, 7 September 2010

HD gloves & suits v2.0 - assignment tutorial

Many people had question, how to assign specific suit and gloves combination to a specific car. Here you have simple tutorial :)

1) You have to find out which *.gmt file specific car (skin) uses. This can be done with ingame test or looking into *.cas and *.car file.

2) You have to choose *.gmt from GameData\Teams that you want (according to the picture above), copy it into specific car (skin) folder and rename it into *.gmt file name that have been found in point 1)

3) Thats all. Game loads *.gmt file from skin folder as a first so selected suit appears in game.

- I want a blue suit with blue gloves in
Ferrari 550 BMS Scuderia Italia skin
- I have found that Ferrari 550 BMS Scuderia Italia uses file "int_driver_style07.gmt"
- I take "int_driver_style02.gmt" from
GameData\Teams (blue suit with blue gloves according to the picture) and copy that file into "BMS Scuderia Italia" folder
- In
"BMS Scuderia Italia" folder I will rename "int_driver_style02.gmt" into "int_driver_style07.gmt"
- Thats it :)


DavidOne87 said...

Many Thanks! That's really usefull tutorial! ;)

nick said...

thanks now ready to go

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